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Archive for August 2009

Bloomington Bus Ads Are Up!

Bloomington Transit bus ad

If you rode the buses in Bloomington today, you might have noticed a new ad on the side. ¬†After a long battle with Bloomington Transit, our ads have finally made it up so that everyone around may see our message, ‘You Can Be Good Without God.’

We’re very pleased that we were finally able to accomplish this goal; we are based in Bloomington, and it was the dream of bringing the atheist bus campaign to Bloomington that originally motivated us to begin collecting donations back in February. We are also especially excited that the bus ads will be around when Indiana University students begin returning (or arriving for the first time) later this month for fall classes.

We hope that our continuing efforts to keep atheism in the public sphere will show Hoosiers, Bloomingtonians and IU students that non-belief cannot be ignored, atheists are people too, and that we all live in the same world…even in Indiana!

Press Release (RTF, 3.7 KB)

24 comments August 11th, 2009

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