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Thank you for all your support!  This campaign could not happen without the innumerable people who have helped build it from the ground up.  If you want to help share the message, the following are a few ways you can continue to help.

Spread the Good News

Are you an Indiana resident?  If you want to see buses like ours in your Indiana or midwest town, we want to work with you!  This is not just a local campaign.  Please contact us through the form on our website, or give us a call at ....


Your donations will be used to buy bus ads all over Indiana, starting in Bloomington.  In a place where billboards reading ‘Jesus saves’ are not uncommon, we want to spread the positive message of non-religion, with ads on buses and in other public places.

Link to us

We will soon have advertising banners that you can place on your page in many different shapes and sizes.  Until we do, tell everyone you know about and our goal to share the friendly face of atheism all over Indiana and beyond!

Share This

Click the “Share This” button at the bottom of most of our pages to see over a dozen social web services that will allow you to share our campaign.  If you have accounts with Reddit, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, or any of the many services listed, you can click on the icon to share our site.

Facebook Group

Join supporters from Indiana and beyond on our Facebook group.  If you don’t have an account on Facebook yet, you can sign up today to use this social networking tool.


Do you have a blog?  Write a post about the campaign, and link to our donate page.  You can also copy and paste this list to let others know how to spread the word.


Tell your family and friends about the campaign and what it means to be an atheist.  Share our slogan, “You can be good without god,” with them, and invite them to ask questions.  If people know an atheist who is a good person they respect, that will help change the negative image that atheism has so unfortunately gotten over the years.  

Buy the t-shirt

Coming soon will be a t-shirt with a version of our slogan and our website.  This will help let others know about our campaign and spread the campaign farther than just the sides of buses.

Forum signatures

Soon to come will be signatures you can use when you post on forums that link back to  These will be a great way to help share our campaign.

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